Sunday, May 26, 2013

Shop update

Semi-solid half-skeins and mini-skeins will be in the shop later today, 5/26!  Kind of a soft opening to get back in the swing of things.  I don't have an exact time but looking at early afternoon.  Everything will ship before Wednesday and then I will be off for a couple of weeks on an out-of-town trip.   Also, working on some fun, new self-striping that will debut this summer!  

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rainbow of yarn

The "Gallery" has been updated with a bunch of colorway samples!  There's still a few more individual pics to add that I wasn't able to get good photos of before losing the light, but all of them are included in the pic above.  Another step almost complete before I can start filling the shop!

We've been spending a lot of time outdoors now that the weather is looking nice.  A quick walk in the stroller around the cul-de-sac usually ends up with the baby napping and me getting in a little bit of quiet time.  With some encouragement from the girls on Instagram, I started socks using Magic Loop.  The two-at-a-time angle sounded reeeeeally appealing even though the technique seemed super scary.  But it really isn't!  Seriously.  If you can figure out basic sock knitting, you can figure out Magic Loop.  I uploaded 'Socks from the Toe Up' from Wendy Johnson on my Kindle and used Judy's Magic Cast-On.  Worked up to 56 stitches and it's smooth sailing now.  Let's see what happens when I get up to the heel!  The little Sock Sack is a pattern from Ramona Rose on Craftsy.  Also crazy easy to sew and a genius pattern to go along with two-at-a-time knitting.  I still need to add snaps to the yarn guides and a ribbon to cinch it closed.  Maybe I can manage to do that before these socks are finished!

Our little gardens are coming along.  The sunflowers are getting big and we've got some tiny tomato, pepper, kale, and lettuce plants going strong.  Yay, plants!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I'm having a difficult time posting about what I was planning as my mind is consumed with the devastation in OK.  I had no idea that the impact was so bad until turning on CNN this afternoon.  My thoughts are with the families, survivors, and rescue workers in Moore, Oklahoma.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Short and sweet

So how long should it take to write a blog post?  When it took six or seven times to get my brain to put together the correct log in name and password, it should have been a clue that this was going to be slow going.  Currently using my toes as a distraction for the baby so let's keep this short and sweet!

The yarn up there?  New yarntini colors!  Soon there will be mini-skeins, half-skeins, and self-striping skeins up in the Etsy shop!  What's "soon"?  I'm really hoping for a small batch to post by the end of the month.    Will keep everyone updated and if you go to the shop, you're able to sign up to be notified once it goes out of 'vacation mode'.

I have a sample skein of self-striping and am determined to get it knit into socks.  With the large amount of yarn that has passed through my hands, I have done a sad amount of actual knitting.  Trying to do some research into two-at-a-time and magic loop techniques... if anyone has some insight to share, please do!

And when I haven't been looking at yarn lately, this is my view.  Goofy, for sure, but not too shabby ;).